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Below are a few methods of fixing the rotating live axle to the chassis. The axle I recommend for this kart is either 25mm or 30mm of Diameter so all fixtures are based on this measurement. This axle can be a plain metal bar cut to the correct length with the bearings grub screwed to the axle. Depending on the hubs you decide upon, these can be keyed/grub screwed to the axle as well. If you decide upon, the quick, simple and very effective stainless hubs from a wheelbarrow with flat grooved tyres, all you need do is to spot the hub onto the axle, which can be easily ground off at any time. On the wheelbarrow wheels I used, the internal diameter was 25mm, but my axle was turned on a lathe, with my bearings pressed on all requiring different diameters. But if it is possible to get access to a lathe, a length of 120mm at both ends could be turned from a 30mm axle down the required diameter. If you don't, you will have to opt for a 25mm axle. Don't forget that the brakes and sprocket have to be mounted to this axle, so wait before you go rushing in welding things together. If you decide upon proper aluminium/plastic hubs, I have plans drawn up for a proper axle hub. Only if you have access to a lathe and the appropriate materials should you set about making hubs. Stick with wheelbarrow hubs, etc with an internal diameter + bush. This first method is the most easiest and simplest of them all. I know the diagram looks a bit complicated but all it is, is a housing for a self aligning bearing. The whole unit just bolts onto the chassis on both sides. Easy, simple, quick, less hassle, lasts forever. A grub screw secures the spinning sleeve of the bearing inside the housing to the axle. The little nib you see is for a bit of oil now and again. Some come grease packed requiring no attention ever. Take note - NEVER DRILL ANY HOLES IN THE CHASSIS, believe me I learned the hard way, the hole chassis bent out of shape with the middle of the ground nearly hitting off the ground, I had to straighten it all out and weld heavy angle iron to reinforce it.