Dune buggy rental services

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Sprocket for the rear axle.

The sprocket used for this type of kart, should be one from a motorbike. Bicycle chains come off all the time. The axle diameter will either be 25mm or 30mm.

Method 1. The most straight forward method to make a sprocket carrier, is to turn out a steel plate as shown in the lathe, with and internal diameter of either 25mm/30mm, with a "low interference fit". Quite simply this plate can be spotted neatly to the rear axle. This will also allow you a great deal of freedom when aligning the chain, as this welding is the very last thing to be done prior to driving.

Method 2. This more complicated method of constructing a "sprocket carrier" is a bit advanced for some people with limited resources, like myself. It involves constructing in two separate halves, then putting both halves on the axle and then to weld them together. A pinch bolt is used to keep the sprocket carrier from moving from side to side on the keyway. Both the keyway and the pinch securing method must be used in this method.

Method 3. The only way I can suggest to people without "lathe access" is to get a steel pipe (internal diameter to suit the axle), then to get an 6/8mm steel plate, drill out the center (or use a cutting torch) to fit snugly onto the steel pipe. Spot the plate to the pipe, spot the pipe to the axle, rotate the axle somehow, and hammer the plate to the appropriate side untill it wobbles no more!. Weld the plate fully to the pipe. Mark on the plate the diameter of the four holes from the center of the sprocket. Now spin the axle again. Hold a sharp point to the plate to where the point you just marked and with the axle spinning it should make a uniform circle. Drill the appropriate holes on this circle. This is to keep the sprocket Concentric to the axle. Bolt up and hopefully! it should be satisfactorily enough!