Sand Buggy Dubai

Sand buggy Dubai can be rode on the places next to beaches where the wind and water have piled up the sand. Basically there are two types of brakes 1: Drum Brakes and 2: Disc Brakes. The latter been the most effective, nevertheless when the Drum brake is set-up correctly is can be better than a poor set-up of Disc brakes. The brakes that you will use on your kart will depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend. I' m using Drum brakes on my kart at the moment, they only cost me £10 from the rear brake of a Honda 90, compared to around £40-50 for a front disc and calliper of a motorbike. And if you ever drove my kart in the rain you will realise how gentle you have to be on the drum brake pedal, otherwise the whole rear will lock up and you will spin off doing 180's. In my opinion drums are easier and much cheaper, nevertheless I have provided plans for both options, so well in good if you happen to come across a disc and calliper of a motor vehicle. If you are looking for buggy for rent in Dubai or off road dune buggy Dubai then it is our duty to check the brakes working properly for safe buggy adventures Dubai or the adventures of desert Dune buggy Dubai.

Drum Brakes

This type of braking method has disadvantages however, and the use of a lathe is almost a must, even if is it to get it done in a local engineering firm, it's only a small bit to be turned out as you will see. Firstly you will need the rear brake from a motorbike, preferably 75cc or higher. The front brake is useless as it has no mounting/securing arm to stop the brake plate from rotating. Cut away all the spokes and remove the sprocket and cush drive, then bolt a plate to this side. (right side on the picture to the left) When the brake is finally set-up and all the diameters all matched up all on has to do is to spot this plate to the axle. Refer to the picture below of the positioning of the brake. Only weld up when EVERYTHING is all finished, the shoes working correctly, as when this steel plate is spot welded to the axle one must grind off the weld to remove the brake. A bit crude I must admit, but if you want to go to the bother of making a keyway in the axle and then tapping the fixing plate to the axle, go ahead. The bigger the bike it comes from the better as the internal diameter will be bigger, and will fit your axle better. When you obtain the drum and shoes, concentrate firstly on the open drum. Take out the bearing if there is anyone. Measure the internal diameter. If this measurement is smaller than your axle then unfortunately the difference must be taken from the drum on a Lathe. But the internal diameter may be too big!, in this case you will have to hunt down a pipe to use as bushing, you can weld to, which will take up the difference between the axle and the drum. If it is too small you will need a lathe. But not all Lathes have an internal cutting tool, and a drill bit of 30mm - I have never seen. In this case, your axle will need a bit of lathe work ie.- taking down. ( If this is too much Lathe work to handle, then stick with the straight forward Disc Brake). Enjoy the following with us through buggy for rent in Dubai for buggy adventures Dubai.

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