Thing That Can Elevate Your Buggy Safari Experience in Dubai

Desert safari season is on! November to March, being the best time to visit Dubai, offer favourable weather conditions to enjoy desert safari in Dubai. You can go online, book a buggy for rent in Dubai, and enjoy buggy adventures in Dubai like there is no tomorrow. However, there are many things you can do to elevate your buggy safari experience. In this blog, we have discussed a few techniques and options you can utilize and enjoy a buggy ride like never before.

Do It at Night

Though a buggy safari done anytime gives absolute pleasure, doing it at night is an experience like anything. If you want to truly experience the magic of desert, a night safari can open your doors to the mysterious desert. You can avail a private dune buggy rental Dubai service and spot the wildlife which you won’t get in day time. If you have a good camera, you can even get to capture some really magical pictures.

Try Looking at the Sky

Can you say no to enjoy the dark sky in night time? We don’t think you can. A sky full of stars while being in a desert is one of the most beautiful ways to relax after or in between adventurous activities. It offers you a perfect getaway while being indulged in other sports activities. If you want to have a divine experience in desert, night is the best time. And, sky adds just another edge to it!

Take Care of the Footwear

Wear footwear that doesn’t come in between you and your desert safari. We recommend sandals as they are comfortable, and you can get the sand off as many times as you want. Bashing dunes is going to be rough and full of dust, so shoes should be the ones you can take off whenever you want.

Try a Local Cuisine

What else you will do if you didn’t enjoy some delicious Arabic cuisine while you are on a vacation? Dubai is home to many mouth-watering dishes, and you should try some after an off road dune buggy Dubai ride.

Enjoy a Show

Oh yeah! This could be the perfect ending! A night loaded with adventure, followed by some quality time spent looking at stars and enjoying a local dish, and then enjoying some belly dance, can there be anything better than this? We can just suggest; it’s you who decides!