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Spice up your wild side and take on the best drive of the life. You can enjoy the buggy ride alone or with your partner. Even kids can enjoy the ride with proper guidelines. Dunebuggy Adventure Dubai makes sure that all the clients enjoy the best thrills of off-road buggy ride.
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Desert dune buggy Dubai is an amazing off road drive deep into the desert to explore the sand adventure. The rise surrey safari program begins when you are grabbed from your place at 2:00-2:30pm toward the evening and taken towards the desert to encounter the desert in a one of a kind way. After arriving at the desert you are given brief driving and wellbeing directions by our hill surrey specialists. Our Dune Buggies are completely secured with a move confine and belted seats to guarantee your most extreme wellbeing. Come with us for a dune buggy tour Dubai and we will give you an opportunity to make the most of your rise carriage safari to the greatest. Our hill carriages are exceptionally designed and fueled to ride the unpleasant desert.

After the exciting Buggy tour Dubai you are taken to our desert campground which allows you to capture the beauty of the desert with Tea/Coffee and Soft Drinks. Shisha is given to smoke which is the traditional Arabic Hubbly Bubbly after which a 5* International BBQ Dinner is served. Later the night finishes up when you get an opportunity to appreciate a hip twirl execution. We drop you back to your inn at 9:00-9:30pm.

We will lift you up toward the beginning of the day as right on time as 9am and will take you straight in to the desert for an adrenaline hurrying 20 moment session of hill slamming and after that you will be headed to our camp where you can either appreciate riding a Quad bicycle for 15 minutes or camel riding and sand skating. You are qualified for have water and soda pops as much as you need completely free during the whole safari. In two hours you will be back in your inn with adequate time for a tidy up before lunch.

Your heart beat will perpetually ascend as you enter the sand rise region. In the wake of diminishing the tire weight and fixing the safety belts you will discover your life hanging in the hands of a profoundly gifted rise rider. Inside minutes as the murmur of the land cruiser motor ascents to coordinate the turbo clamor of a taking off jetliner and as the sand covers the screens of the vehicle with the commotion of a felines and pooches downpour, you discover your head hitting the top of the vehicle as it rocks like a pontoon in a tempest in the high oceans. At that point you will discover you are climbing a right around 75 to 80 degree move up on the thick sand and after that out of the blue you will wind up shouting in total loathsomeness as the vehicle tumbles down to a very nearly 90 degree downhill ride. At that point you will get a chill on your hips as the vehicle grinds to a halt on a sand bluff where your 4 wheel drive is nearly wavering by the center of the undercarriage.

The Buggy tour Dubai will offer you a pleasant evening presenting with a mix of adventure and cultural entertainment

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The vehicles are available in a good condition and are ideal for a dune buggy tour Dubai. The technology of the vehicle controls the speed of the ride flawlessly. The buggy tour Dubai guarantees you the best ride and gives you breath taking adventure.

The vehicles come with a two-seater, fully automatic and good for off-road buggies. It gives you the experience of a fun ride.
Safety Measures

To experience Desert dune buggy Dubai

To experience Desert dune buggy Dubai, you need to follow these safety measures:

1. We will give you a helmet which you need to wear during the ride time.
2. Do not ride the buggy at maximum speed. Fix the speed properly where you can view the terrain condition.
3. Do not take part in the dune buggy tour Dubai if you have a heart problem, neck problem, pregnant or neurological disorder. 4. Do not ride under the influence of drug, alcohol.
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If you are in Dubai then you cannot miss the buggy tour Dubai. It is a special adventure sport in this place. Every traveller comes here and do not miss the fun of this ride.

Dunebuggy Adventure Dubai is a one-stop destination of all your adventure spirit. You can visit us online and get all the details of our services. We give our clients the best buggy ride experience. When you go back from Dubai, you take a lifetime experience with you.

Come and talk to us in details to know more about Desert dune buggy Dubai service. Our company is there to help you and make your visit memorable.