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Who Dune Buggy Adventures Are.

We appease the adventurism with tried and tested fleet replaced with the latest dune buggy by time after time used to serve the cause of extreme dune buggy tour Dubai.

Buggy for rent in Dubai

  • Dune buggy rental is for 1 hour
  • 2 PAX buggies are available

Overview on buggy Dubai

desert buggy adventures
Gas consumption is a lot while you are on buggy adventures Dubai! per day
No matter how experienced you are but riding a buggy is not easy.
dune buggy
It is extremely infrequent that buggy may completely tilt or fall down.
Buggy veers so it is tricky to ride.
sand buggy dubai
You can sometimes get stuck in tricky situations, while you are on off road dune buggy Dubai!

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Dune Buggy Tour Dubai.

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Make Your Desert Buggy Adventures Memorable With Dune Buggy Rental Services

What’s your idea of a desert safari? Is it something of a rough, exhausting ride? If this is what you are thinking, you may be wrong here. Far from an exhausting trek, desert safari experience in Dubai has only been better with time. And, nowadays, with the introduction of new techniques while manufacturing vehicles, Buggies have been all about luxury and comfort. If you are looking forward to Desert buggy Adventures, you are at the right place. But what makes a desert safari so special? Let’s take a look.

It’s Off-Road:

At the very moment, you see sand instead of conventional roads, a sense of adventure triggers. You feel excited all of a sudden, giving your energy levels a sudden boost. Your inner adventurer takes over and that’s when the journey begins. We are committed to make your off road dune buggy Dubai experience a memorable one with our dune buggy rental Dubai services. Giving us a call takes a minute, but it will lead to something you won’t be able to forget.

It’s Refreshing:

Imagine having red sand all around you and experiencing a view like never before. Isn’t it refreshing? In a world, where having fever is okay but mental ill-being is still considered a taboo, it is important to take care of your soul. Nothing is going to work until you don’t help yourself with a changed perspective; be it the way you look at your surrounding or the other non-physical things in life. With us, you can plan a Dune Buggy adventures Dubai and give yourself a treat of refreshment. Book a desert dune buggy Dubai with us and start exploring!

It Gives You A Sense Of Freedom:

Imagine having red sand all around you and experiencing a view like never Don’t let that free soul inside you suck all year around. Take some time, plan some Desert buggy Adventures and give wings to your soul. The only way to survive for long is not disturbing the things from their most authentic form. We were born free, right? And, getting a Off road dune buggy Dubai service from us is just the right step to take. Follow your heart and do it before your mind starts playing with you.

It’s Convenient:

It used to be draining earlier, both riding and booking. However, modern techniques have made buggies more comfortable for a desert safari and when it comes to find a Desert dune buggy Dubai for you, it’s not a difficult task anymore. You don’t need to go here and there to get one. Visit us for dune buggy rental Dubai and we will help you book one for you in few easy steps.

It’s Affordable:

Gone are the days when booking a buggy was all about one’s bargaining skills. We help you book a buggy for you at best price. Doing so, we make Dune Buggy adventures Dubai very affordable and memorable for all our customers. That apart, our services are highly customizable. It means you can get what you want, that too at a price you want. So, stop worrying about your budget and get ready to cherish those precious moments!


Safety and Security Measures

If you are stuck in the mud or sand you just need to raise your hands and somebody will come and assist you at dune buggy Dubai.


Popular Tour

desert buggy
990 AED

Rent Dune Buggy For 1 Hour
including pick up and drop off

If you are in desert Dubai and want to get rent Dune Buggy adventure than most welcome we are one of the best dune buggy rental dubai

Off road dune buggy
1350 AED

Rent Dune Buggy For 2 Hour
including pick up and drop off

With dunebuggyadventuredubai, the best dune buggy adventure starts right in the desert when you come in our desert Group. The shining red sand is sitting tight for the individuals who lean toward fast trails, huge ridges, and mountains over smooth dark concrete.

dune buggy rental
1790 AED

Rent Dune Buggy For 3 Hour
including pick up and drop off

We provide extremely exciting Dune buggy tours in Dubai. If you want to feel extreme adventure with best price than most welcome. contact us and make life more than just daily dues – make it awesome, make it a buggy tour.


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